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TheF ood Network is at it Again: The Worst Cooks in America are Back

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The race is on again. Fourteen contestants are working hard to LOSE the title of the Worst Cooks In America. Their friends and family members run for the… Read More »


Christmas Food Basket Gift Ideas

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We sometimes simply have no idea what we wish to give somebody for Christmas. Many people I buy presents for have already got all the household things they… Read More »

christmas cookies in a jar_12

Christmas Cookies in a Jar

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Have you been doing the same old Santa traditions every year? Waking up on Christmas morning excited for opening presents is something that a lot of kids look… Read More »

viagra ice cream

Seven Weirdest Ice Cream Flavours From Around The World

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There is no doubt we all like ice cream, and we can argue all day over which flavour we think is the best. From traditional vanilla to biscuit… Read More »

Romantic Foods

Top 10 Romantic Foods

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Romantic meals are foods which catch the substance of the romantic mood. They are meals which offer a cornucopia of flavours, thrilling the palate with each and every… Read More »


Camping and Sabotage: Don’t miss Cutthroat Kitchen’s Camping Challenge

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Food Network has decided to take the most exciting and devious cooking challenge to the next level. They are sending twelve of the most memorable contestants into the… Read More »


Chilled Barley Salad Recipe

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Using barley rather than pasta is an excellent method to get in your whole grain products. Barley is another great supply of fiber and protein to fill you… Read More »


Basil Tofu

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. Tofu is a protein-rich food made from the extracted curd of soybeans and is an extremely versatile food, used in salads, main courses, drinks and desserts. It… Read More »

Easter Tomato Mozzarella Bites-

Top Five Delicious Easter Food Ideas

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Easter is one of the best holidays to cook for. You get to enjoy a meal with your family and friends without having to worry about all those… Read More »


Who Will Pass The Test?

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What do you get when you put together 10 novice cooks, four world class chefs and $50,000 on the line?  You get an amazing fast paced competition being… Read More »